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Glenn Donnelly BSc (Born 1982 in Northern Ireland) grew up in Belfast, a Belfast boy at heart. Throughout his adulthood life has taken him on many adventures.  Glenn completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Multimedia Technology & Design while living in Edinburgh.  

Glenn then created his own Design Company winning Young Entrepreneur of the Year within his District.  Glenn was a Co. founder of the band Phoenix 23, from recording with Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) Stevie D (David Gilmour's current drummer) in Sunset Sound Studios LA to having 3 songs in the movie soundtrack '50 Dead men Walking' starring Sir Ben Kingsley and featured Number 4 in the Empire Movie Magazine Playlist top 10. 


Glenn then went onto painting various props for the hit series

Game of Thrones, see GAMEOFTHRONES page for more information. 

What began as a personal journey of expressionism has translated into pieces of Artwork and Photography that resonate with people to provoke emotion through colour / Art.  With influences from Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko to Bob Dylan, Pink floyd and Tupac Shakur, new synergies are created from both explicit and implicit narratives. 


Glenn Donnelly has an approach that involves 'Action Painting', he seeks to convey emotion through the rough and explosive handling of paint.  The delicacy and contemplative nature of his work encompasses the purer abstract qualities of the emerging 'Colour Field' movement.