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'The Experimental Tour'

My 2nd Solo Exhibition April 2023 at Bangor Carnegie Library.  This time round it was an even bigger challenge with the birth of our second child but I got there in the end and I am proud to say I have a number of pieces on display for the month of April. I have called the exhibition 'The Experimental Tour'.  A few pieces are 'off the cuff' from my usual style. I went off the beaten track and experimented a little more than usual with my colour and movement. 

Music is a big inspirational world for me so I have decided to share my playlist with you on Spotify.  Every time I was in the studio working these were some of the songs I had playing in the background.  

If you visit the exhibition, have a listen while you walk around or just simply have a listen to the playlist.  Yes a few randoms in there but I wouldn't have it any other way, and of course I don't own any of the music and its up for listening purposes only. 

'The Experimental Tour'

CLICK HERE: Spotify Playlist

Exclusive prices only for Solo Exhibition 

Bangor Carnegie Library

Hamilton Rd, Bangor BT20 4LH

Full Month of October 2024

Thank you!


Having two little kids watching cartoons is part of life. 

I think subconsciously I did this, all the reds, pinks, yellows and whites etc is mostly all the colours I would see in amongst the cartoons we have been watching.  This piece is packed full of life, colour and has a great energy.


This painting feels that it is very still however it moves and has great shape.  I like the simplicity of this piece, the dark colour and again using mostly blue.


This is one I have been meaning to paint for quite a while.  I brought the white to the forefront and left the colour in the background. The name ‘Love Shack’ came about because this was the song playing in the background while I was painting.  The video of the song is packed with good energy, colour and it seemed to have poured out onto the canvas.

Internal Sunshine.jpg

Photographing along the North Coast I was trying to represent waves of the ocean from an aerial point of view. 

Two strokes of green stand out, it is the only strokes of green I used representing the lavish green countryside of Northern Ireland.

Short YouTube video description

Out of the Shadows.jpg

I started off painting the canvas black, probably the first time I have done so.  I like to start with a lovely white canvas but this time was unusually different but in my style, hence the name 'Out of the Shadows'.



This is my 2nd largest piece of work to date.  This painting is packed full of layers, packed full of colour and maximising the full size of this board.

This piece didn't make the exhibition.  It is not finished yet.

Coming soon.


I wanted to create a piece of work were the feeling came across as 'Dark and Moody' a feeling that excites but also intriguing to the eye. This piece of work I called 'Truth', were I allowed the true colour 'Red' to be itself.  I wanted 'Red' just to be red, with no other colour interfering. The repeating strokes has created the texture, I didn’t want the Red to be still. I wanted the colour ‘Red’ to move.

Winter is Coming.jpg

From the start I have always wanted to create a real chunky textured piece of work. This painting is packed out with oil paint. I have used blue, purple, yellows, reds, browns and greens. 


This piece of work is truly in my style of work fully representing my mission statement.

Purple Rain.jpg

This canvas was bought around 2019.  This piece is completely different from the rest and one of the reasons why I have called my exhibition 'The Experimental Tour'.  This piece was something I worked on from time to time throughout a few months.  It has great texture and certainly holds its own when hung on a wall. 

I love blue, I love painting with blue.  I like the way green and blue mix creating different levels of dark and light when moved around the canvas. 

Crazy Heart.jpg

This painting was straight out of the block and completed within a night.  It was pure instinct, energy and tried my best to direct the flow so I could create a good composition within this piece of work.  I love it, love everything about it.


Bangor Carnegie Library

Hamilton Rd, Bangor BT20 4LH

Full Month of April 2023

Main Preview Thursday 20th April 4pm to 9pm

Check opening times for April

Thank you!

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